Corporate Partners

Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration SDC regularly accepts research and development projects from leading brands and companies. Commercialisation of student innovations is now possible with the option of various collaboration structures:
  1. SDC selects a set few research projects pro bono each year as implementation in the program syllabus.
  2. SDC and the company shall agree on terms and conditions and on completion and approval of such services, an agreed fee is paid by the company.
  3. New legislature within European Universities now permit University shareholding within companies and patent ownerships. SDC as a private institution has practised this form of collaboration since inception.
The benefit for SDC is insurmountable as students' training and skills can be used for the needs of society. Using corporations' resources and facilities, students are also exposed to broader possibilities in their work. The Institution benefits financially which leads to growth of the College's research and development department and student career enhancement.

The benefits for industry are vast, as firms are able to inject fresh and innovative new solutions and concepts into their brands. Direct access to research and development allows industry to maintain a competitive edge in their products or services.

Hire from SDC

Hire from SDC Industry employment of students within their last year accounts for 70% of the graduate employment rate within SDC. This is due in part to the experiential learning and internship programs that SDC manages within each program. SDC invites HR departments and recruiters to students' shows and exhibitions. It is not uncommon for graduating students to receive multiple job offers during their final exhibition.

If your firm or HR department is interested in being invited to any of our events or if you have a specific HR request, please arrange a meeting with the Dean to discuss best possible options.

SDC maintains an active Alumni community and although most alumni are employed, SDC is able to tender proposals to alumni members on industry behalf.

Student Recruiting Agencies

SDC adheres to strict student selection criteria and as a result only accepts students from approved sending/recruiting agencies worldwide. To seek approval status, simply send details of your agency to our marketing office.

If accepted, your agency will be required to sign a collaboration agreement with SDC giving your agency specific rights to sell SDC programs and services.

For more information, please contact our marketing office:

Invest in SDC

Invest in SDC


SDC is constantly striving to be the best Long-distance, Online Design and Arts College and we are realising success in our aims in achieving this. To ensure a continued rate of growth SDC, wishes to improve certain resources. SDC accepts gifts or donations for this purpose and can generate international publicity and recognition to support such gifts.


Higher Education has been earmarked as one of the few industries that will appreciate huge growth over the forthcoming decade. Even in the face of economic downturns, the higher education sector grew exponentially as families realised the importance of education in finding better opportunities to their financial challenges.

There has never been a better time to invest in the Higher Education sector and as very few Universities permit private share-holding, SDC is proud to offer this opportunity on an international scale.

SDC is expanding rapidly each year. To discover how you or your firm can be involved in the future development and growth of the Institution, we encourage you to make contact with the Directorship.