SDC Donors

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Donation Options

SDC Library Donations


Online Degree learners are required to conduct research for their dissertation. Online libraries subscriptions can be most useful for learners in third world countries who don't enjoy access to fully a equipped library. SDC appreciates sponsorships of online library subscriptions, Amazon vouchers or any books, manuals, catalogs or magazines related to design, photography and the arts that can be sent directly to those learners in need.
SDC Technology Donations


SDC has partnered with various technological firms in an effort to offer students state of the art equipment and technology in learning. As the rate of technology develops faster than we can change our screensavers, we appreciate donations from all sources of current technological equipment.
Scholarship Donations


SDC encourages patrons of the arts and design to establish a trust that is able to educate a learner by means of paid scholarship each year. Criteria outlining the applicants' suitability is acknowledged and Trusts or Patrons can manage or be involved in the selection process.
Room 13 International


SDC is a proud to suggest supporter the Room 13 International Charity and encourages you to visit this website and make a contribution to this worthy foundation.

Make a Financial Contribution

SDC accepts financial contributions for specific causes, developments or projects. For tax relief, we recommend you consult with your tax attorney as SDC is not a non-profit or section 21 company. We appreciate donations large or small as it all is accountable and goes towards the further development of Design and Arts Education.