12 Month Course Extension


12 Month Course Extension

Extend your Program or course by a further 12 months by purchasing this Extension option.

What are my course Deadlines?

When you purchased your online study program and enrolled online the time allocation for your program started on that date. Here are the time allocations for each program type:

Short Course = 6 months
Certificate = 12 months
Diploma = 24 months
Degree = 36 months

Once your program nears its time deadline SDC informs you of the pending deadline. But dont wait to receive this notification - rather extend your program to suit your schedule and lifestyle and avoid future stress!

You can extend your program and course at any time from date of purchase until deadline.

Please Note: Once a course reaches its time deadline and the learner has not extended time the profile is deleted from our system. A high fee is charged to re-activate a cancelled profile.