Garden Design (Certificate)


Garden Design (Certificate)

The syllabus contains a good balance between theory and practice in the subjects offered, as well as developing the student’s research skills and knowledge base. This course has been designed to provide learners with an extensive theoretical understanding of garden design in order to develop their practical application of concepts. Level 1 gives the learner a brief historical overview of garden design, highlighting the pertinent adaptations, trends and practices used then and now. The course introduces the student to the foundation theory that surrounds Garden Plant Identification. Establishing a working knowledge of botanical names for flora and being able to identify foliage shapes, colour, fruit and flowers is essential. This grounding will prepare learners for selecting plants for new gardens as well as maintaining or revamping existing gardens.

Design and Communication Modules:

Landscape Design Fundamentals Modules:

Site Survey and Analysis  Modules:

Landscape and Garden Design History Modules:

Soft Landscape Materials Modules:

Hard Landscape Material Modules: