Fashion Illustration (Short Course)


Fashion Illustration (Short Course)

This course can accommodate any candidate with a flair and interest in fashion design, art and illustration. Traditional hand rendering techniques and mediums are focused on, with a brief introduction to CAD. All the foundational aspects related to drawing and mediums are introduced and explored with the use of detailed notes, visual examples and self exercises. The material consists of the work of experienced illustrators, visuals and demonstrations done specifically for SDC by professionals, free lance artists and students. This provides a diverse exploration of skill levels and styles for the learner to enjoy and benefit from. Expert hints and tips toward successful work is offered within the tutorials. Subjects consist of Toolbox, Stylisation for fashion, Figure Drawing, The Clothed Form and Story Board.

Tool Box & Mediums

1. Introduction to Tools & Mediums
2. Colour & Techniques
3. Featured Artists

Figure Drawing

1. Simplification & Foreshortening
2. Heads, Hands & Feet 1
3. Traditional Poses

Stylisation for Fashion

1. X9 Formula Applied
2. Heads, Hands & Feet 2
3. Lyrical Line

Clothed Form

1. Rendering Fabric
2. Dressing & Drapery
3. Accessories

Story Board

1. Layout & Composition
2. Backgrounds and Creative Devices
3. Computer Application