How to Window Style (How-To Course)


How to Window Style (How-To Course)

This "How to course" will teach you the different types of Window treatments available and ways in which to apply them to best suit your interior space.
In this course we will look at the different types of Curtaining and their fitting types and Application. We will also look at how to measure windows in order to calculate fabric requirements for Curtain drops depending on the chosen Style. We look into how to line your curtains, choose a fabric as well at your rod and finial accessories.

In Module 2  we  look at the different Blind types and how one can apply Blind type window treatments to their interior spaces. We look at the different materials and functionality of the different Blinds on the market as well as their fittings and Applications. We look at How to measure your window size and decide on how best to fit your blinds to window area.In Module 3 we look at Window fixtures and permanent structures such as Indoor and
Outdoor Window shutters. We look at the different materials and systems that they are available in and how to best fit them. We look at how to cost these window treatments and apply them to windows within the Interior. We then look at other interesting treatments for your window areas and how to finally decide on the best window treatment for your specific windows.


1. Types fitting & Applications Rufflett Curtaining (Palmets, Valences, and tie backs)
2.   Eyelet curtaining
3.  Tab top curtaining
4. Measuring & Fitting curtains


1. Types Applications & fittings
2. Horizontal Blinds
3. Vertical Blinds
4. Roman Blinds
5. Roller Blinds

Window Fixtures

1. Permanent Structures
2. Interior Blinds
3. Exterior Shutter Blinds
4. Adornments Frames & Panes
5. Choosing window treatments