How to Edit Photos with Photoshop (How-To Course)


How to Edit Photos with Photoshop (How-To Course)

Whether a professional or amateur photographer or even a graphic designer. Photoshop is accessible and useful to make an ordinary digital photo look professional. Using today’s technology one no longer requires a digital photo studio in order to transform dull, lifeless pictures into perfection. There are various ways to edit, manipulate enhance and transform digital images using the Photoshop application. Employers expect new graphic designers to be familiar with computer graphics and design software. Graphic designers must continually keep up to date with the development of new and updated software, usually either on their own or through software training programs. This course will demonstrate that and more. After learning all the basic principles and tools as well as major features associated, it will allow you to use Photoshop creatively. The course structure is based on teaching techniques and providing the best working practices developed from over a decade of professional image editing. Create eye-catching designs suitable for print or web, retouch digital photos, and make montages.

Photoshop Basics

How to zoom and pan efficiently
Bridge to Adobe camera raw to Photoshop
Photo preparation tasks
Restoration and touch up to improve images
Selection tools
Layers panel and layer manipulation
Painting and related tools
Selection channels and quick masks
Colour mode and quick correct pixel resolution

Tools, preferences and colour management

Channel and masking techniques
Use of Bezier pen, invector drawing and the paths panel.
Advanced layer blending techniques
File formats for web print and digital
Advanced spot channel techniques
Gamuts and colour translation issues
Adobe Camera Raw via Bridge
Smart layers, objects and filters
Auto align and auto blend commands

Photo editing and retouching

Selecting hair with refined edge
How to replace the sky in a photo
Boost colour contrast with a black & white adjustment
How to lighten and brighten eyes with Photoshop
Darken overexposed photos with the multiply blend mode
Brighten underexposed photos with the screen blend mode
Crop, straighten and multiple scan photos
Finding neutral grey in a photo
Straighten and crop images
Reducing wrinkles with healing brush