How to Make Money Blogging (How-To Course)
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This is an expert guide to making money from blogging, starting with the key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog that will directly affect your success, choosing the right topics and knowing which are the wrong ones, how to embark on a journey that leads back to money and making it. Learn ‘how to ‘see your blog as a means of profit whatever quantity may be in. The course outlines the various methods that bloggers use to make money online through the profile that it brings them, complete with links to tools and programs you can use to getting started and maintaining and growing your online presence. Become skilled at these ways of making money directly from your blog, ‘how to’ generate the highest and most successful volumes of online traffic. Discover the most professional and economic driven means and ways of advertising and to consistently optimize advertising on your blog. The course not only touches on the area of start up but ‘how to’ then help you grow, sustain and affiliate earnings many times over. As with anything money related we have to acknowledge the potential consequences associated, the pros and cons before embarking on a rush in monetizing your blog, Knowing your topic, knowing your expectations, your goals, your strategies and back up and growth plans, how to plan for failure, what to take from that failure and how to build and improve and build for a another possible blog endeavour.

Topic 1:   Monetise your blog
Topic 2:   Multiple streams of income
Topic 3:   Blogging software and hardware
Topic 4:   Build a complete web site, not just a blog
Topic 5:   Testing and optimisation
Topic 6:   Pick your niche
Topic 7:   Posting frequency and length
Topic 8:   Expenses
Topic 9:   Blogging lifestyle
Topic 10: Overall income-generation strategy
Topic 11: How to build traffic
Topic 12: Ads on your site
Topic 13: Make a decent income online

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