How to Start your own Magazine (How To Course)
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Learn from practising editors and writers how to plan, develop and publish your own magazine. Create your own self-published interest or community magazine or design and post your own e-zine. Whether free, paid or subscription learn from professionals how to acquire advertising and how best to market your magazine to your target audience.

Subject: Planning
In the planning phase we look at magazine topic options encouraging the learner to examine genres that they are familiar or experienced with, especially if they plan on contributing to the magazines content. Local, community style magazines have a higher success rate than broader genres so we examine success stories and various magazine options and examples. We compare the options of producing a printed magazine to a ezine or digital magazine. We develop a basic business plan     and objective and create a budget.

Subject: Content
This subject looks at the staff members that may be required for larger magazine start-ups and how each of these jobs contribute to a magazines content and production. Learners discover how to source content with basic journalism skills and how to edit content. We also look at image sourcing and the various resources and restrictions for editorial purposes.

Subject: Legalities
To accept funds for advertising and make money from a magazine a magazine will require a bank account. We explore the     various business registration options on a general International scale. The course observes Licensing and permits required to operate a magazine business, in some cases even when doing so from home. We study the regulations of copyright.

Subject: Design

Conceptualising a design and look for the magazine is critical and its success will determine if the magazine attracts advertisers and subscribers. Learners analyse examples of different magazine layouts and designs and are able to guide their designers in artistic direction. Learners also have the choice of enrolling in additional design programs with SDC to complete their own design work.

Subject: Advertising & Promotion

From pre-publishing mock-ups to creating a media kit or advertising pack, this course provides all the techniques and insider     trade secrets in finding advertisers for a magazine. Promoting a magazine requires a few fundamental resources such as a website and social media presence. This course reveals the many methods used by small magazine brands to increase their circulation.

Subject: Publishing
Self publishing using simple photo-copied flyer style prints to professional printing in the East, this module provides the many printing options available for the new magazine creator's budget. We explore the option of sourcing magazine publishers and the pros and cons of choosing this route. For digital magazines we look at publishing online and selling e-zine subscriptions.

Subject: Distribution
We explore the many distribution options from the simple 'do it yourself' to the use of distribution companies. By identifying a target market and conducting regular circulation checks we learn how to analyse this data to ensure that a magazine is reaching its intended demographic and growing in size.

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