Fashion Illustration (Short Course)
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What does a Fashion Illustrator do?

A fashion illustrator is someone who creates drawings, sketches, and other works of art which pertain to the fashion industry. Fashion illustrators can work in a variety of environments, including fashion houses, design studios and on their own as freelancers.

Fashion illustrators sketch concepts which have not yet been realized. When fashion designers start to develop a new line, they rely on fashion illustrators to bring their ideas to life so that they can have images to use in design and to sell the line before prototypes have been made. A fashion illustrator may work on everything from shoes to hats, developing and fleshing out concepts for designers.

This course is suitable for students with little or no drawing ability to those who are very artistic and is ideal for people who have a flair for being creative and for those who have a passion for creating fashion concepts.

Learning Methods



Course Requirements


List specified in Tutorial Notes


Sewing machine


Scanner (to convert hand work into electronic format in order to submit online)


Corel Draw
Adobe Photoshop

This Course is Endorsed by Alessia Xoccato (Italian Fashion Designer)

ALESSIA XOCCATO - Italian Fashion Designer

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Alessia quickly developed her passion for fashion in her family’s company. Having worked for the top brands in Italian fashion and winner of the ‘Next Generation award’ in 2009, and supported by Vogue Italy, Alessia has showcased at Milan Fashion week and in Paris and is widely regarded as one of the top new Italian designers to watch for the future.

Student References

In Fashion Illustration I have learnt creative ways of using different materials and incorporating them into our everyday work. I have also perfected our figure drawing and how to show and use different textures. It has also been very interesting to combine hand work and computer work.
Bianca van Rooyen
In Fashion illustration I’ve learnt the importance of conceptualization. I have perfected the basics of drawing figures by using different and interesting techniques. I have also experimented with new and exciting techniques like black and white, 3D, Vintage, layering etc. as creative ways to finish my illustrations and backgrounds.
Carla Ludick
Fashion illustration has taught me to use different mediums and techniques in my work, and it has helped make my illustration more realistic, 3 dimensional and creative. It has also helped me a lot with my figure drawing.
Patricia Stecher
Fashion illustration has really been interesting, especially in the aspect of finding new techniques in art instead of just drawing and painting everything. It is also really nice because everything is done by hand not like other lessons that are done on computer. Illustration classes force us to practice and maintain our art talent.
Venetia Campbell
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