Fashion Photography (Short Course)
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What does a Fashion Photographer do?

One of the most glamorous and fun jobs in the industry. Fashion photographers get to travel the world taking pictures of beautiful people in amazing fashion. Fashion photographers can work for a magazine, newspaper or as freelancers. Apart from the job that never gets boring fashion photographers often get to meet and mingle with glitterati and are invited to the best social events and parties.

This course has been developed by acclaimed Swiss Fashion photographer Tom Bauer who continues to work for top designers and labels when he is not assisting his fortunate students of SDC.

Learning Methods



Course Requirements


List specified in Tutorial Notes


Digital Camera
Good DLSR body
In ranking order Nikon has the following entry level to prosumer DSLR's: D3000; D60; D5000; D90; D300s
Canon has the following entry level cameras: 500D; 450D
550D; 50D
PC/ Laptop
For accessories you will require:
Good Wide angle lens (anything from 10mm - appr 55 / 70mm)
Good telephoto (70mm - 200mm/300mm)
Adaptable and rotatable flash - on camera flash is not sufficient

If possible also:
Radio trigger for flash


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom

This Course is Endorsed by Matthew Willman (Celebrity Photographer)

MATTHEW WILLMAN - Celebrity Photographer

Matthew Willman works professionally as a commercial / documentary photographer in Southern Africa and Europe. He is widely regarded in the industry for branding and capturing human stories from rural school children through to working with no less than 8 Nobel Peace Prize Recipients.

Matthew has had the privilege of working for the past 7 years as a commissioned photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, an example of his work being the hand portrait of Nelson Mandela which today is the iconic logo for the 46664 HIV & Aids campaign.

His work has exhibited internationally in Canada, South Africa, England, Wales, Italy, Australia and Mexico, with exhibited works ranging from Robben Island, HIV & AIDS, Inanda Heritage, Nelson Mandela, & environmental awareness issues.

He is currently working on exhibitions in London and New York for 2011 / 2012.

Student References

At style design college we have very good exposure to fashion photography As the college offers Fashion design as a course we are able to work hand in hand with the fashion students in assisting them with photography. We have also been invited to take pictures at the fashion show events that the college organises. We have had huge exposure to Fashion photography.
Lisa Marie Isaacs
This genre in photography is full of expression and lighting techniques. The biggest demand on the photographer is getting the ‘best’ out of their models either to show how beautiful or handsome or muscular they are or if its for clothing- make sure we make the garment pop and stand out as this is what is being marketed. With this Style Design course, our practical lessons are packed with learning how to pose the models,  taught different lighting techniques (backlight, side light etc) using the studio lights as well as the power pack in studio and on location.
Raine Kietzmann
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