Social Media Design (Short Course)
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Social Media is a revolution of how people communicate news, information and content. This programme explores and teaches the technologies, tools and platforms to facilitate the discovery, participation and sharing of content by users and receivers. Social media training is beneficial in staying on top staying ahead, connected with the various growing brands and institutions. Getting to know the social medium and making sense of social media tools makes easy ones daily routines and tasks. Design and discover first hand how social media can be used for advertising and marketing, public relations, attaining information and communicating rapidly on a wide scale. Learn the key tools of blogging and microblogging, bookmarking and tagging, brand monitoring, content aggregation surveying, ratings and reviews, discussion boards and forums, fan pages, online videos, photo sharing, podcasting and how all these tools can be used to draw people to your site regularly and religiously.

Topic 1: Creating a Social Network

  • Branded URL
  • URL for users
  • Ability to be heard
  • Continual presence
  • Social network strategy
  • Links

Topic 2: Syndication

One of the hardest parts in becoming an influential voice in social dialog is providing quality information on an ongoing basis. With social media syndication your channel partners are delivered a library of valuable content that they can use when talking with their communities

Topic 3: Functional Design

Ensuring that design optimises both functionality and the navigational aspects of the social site relies on simplicity active and user-friendly design elements.

Topic 4: Facets of Site

Accessibility and a user-friendly interface will allow visitors to efficiently and effectively utilise specific tools or even customised functions for their preference.

Topic 5: Censorship Laws

A huge aspect of social networking is the ability to share content in the forms of links and multimedia. As the Webmaster of a social networking site it is assumed that you provide the social community with the opportunity to upload images and video this increases your cost for bandwidth, disc space, and liabilities from copyright infringement.

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