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Research has shown that we are naturally creative. The traditional schooling systems have suppressed this creativity with many failing to offer Art or Design as a subject. This program is designed for individuals who have not taken Visual Arts (EGD) at Grade 12 level, and who desire to learn about the fundamentals of Art in order to promote their creative potential. It is an introduction to the world of art history, an opportunity to learn about the various design industries, and a doorway to learning the skills required to creativity.  On successful completion of this course, students are able to apply for other programs offered at Style Design College which require an EDG pass.

This course is divided into 3 subjects:

Contextual studies: Opportunity to learn about the context of design art in history, the way design causes societal change and the way history moulded the future of design.

Industry awareness: Opportunity to learn about the creative industries where design knowledge is applied in the business context. We will be looking closely at design in the areas of photography, graphic design, fashion and interior design.

Drawing theory practical: Opportunity to learn basic drawing and painting skills. Learn skills in the area of observation, exploration of drawing techniques and tones with mediums such as pencils, charcoal, pen and ink. The ability to mix colour, use different colour materials and apply colour using different techniques specific to the mediums.

By the end of this course you will know the timeline of art history, and the contexts of the different eras, and be able to place design within the context of history.

Industry awareness will bring you up to date on the processes of the business environment within the areas of: photographic, fashion, graphic design and interior design.  You will have a knowledge of how some businesses operate in the design industry.

Through this drawing course you will develop confidence in your own drawing capabilities. You will be able to construct line drawings, use shading techniques and tonal range. You will know how to mix colour and how to use colour tones. You will have explored different techniques by using colour materials such as coloured pencils, markers and paints.


FAST TRACK   40 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 4 weeks
INTENSIVE   60 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 6 weeks
FLEXIBLE   80 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 9 weeks
These study time frames are just a guideline to help the student establish their own study schedule, a student may even decide to move from one option to the next. A student can change a due date at any time prior to the original date set by the college. All due dates are set to the "FAST TRACK" option upon registration.

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