Fashion Design (BA Degree)
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The course offers an intense theoretical, conceptual and practical study of the world of contemporary Fashion Design. Both Commercial and couture designers and lecturers from Milan and SA have offered their expertise in compiling this in depth course. Focus has been placed on covering universal fashion concepts that are applicable globally to enable students to apply their acquired skills within their specific context, regardless of their geographic location.

Fashion Design involves combining many skills such as creativity, mathematical reasoning, drafting, illustration and computer application. SDC Online makes your distance learning experience both simple and enjoyable by using our unique flexible modular method. All course material is sent as learning packages via your student portal to read through at your leisure. The Degree course takes your fashion skills to the next level by focusing on the analytical aspects of industry, trends and contemporary culture.

Are you a student from South Africa? If yes, then there are specific educational entry requirements for South African applicants. Please see the Course Requirements below for more information.


FAST TRACK   120 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 4 weeks
INTENSIVE   140 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 6 weeks
FLEXIBLE   160 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 7 weeks
These study time frames are just a guideline to help the student establish their own study schedule, a student may even decide to move from one option to the next. A student can change a due date at any time prior to the original date set by the college. All due dates are set to the "FAST TRACK" option upon registration.

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Learning Methods



Course Requirements


List specified in Tutorial Notes


Sewing machine


Digital Camera (to document projects and your work process)
Scanner (to convert hand work into electronic format in order to submit online)


Microsoft Word
Adobe Photoshop


Educational entry requirements for applicants from South Africa:
High School certificate (Exemption Pass / B+ Average) preferably with Art as a subject.
Ability to read, write and speak English as a first or second language.
A portfolio submission will be required if no previous art experience.

This Course is Endorsed by Alessia Xoccato (Italian Fashion Designer)

ALESSIA XOCCATO - Italian Fashion Designer

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Alessia quickly developed her passion for fashion in her family’s company. Having worked for the top brands in Italian fashion and winner of the ‘Next Generation award’ in 2009, and supported by Vogue Italy, Alessia has showcased at Milan Fashion week and in Paris and is widely regarded as one of the top new Italian designers to watch for the future.

Student References

Fashion History has helped me understand how fashion trends have changed and been influenced over the years. It has also opened my eyes to different concepts within fashion, for example, costume theatre design. It has also been interesting to learn different social psychology behind certain matters relating to fashion.
Bianca van Rooyen
In Fashion I have learnt allot about the social psychology and the global influence relating to fashion. Many topics like social influence have also taught me what a major impact the world has on trends of today. It is an interesting subject that prepares me for the choices I have to make when designing fashion.
Carla Ludick
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