Interior Design (BA Degree)
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If space, structure and creating beautiful human environments are your passion, then this degree is your passport into this challenging yet exciting field of design. Compiled and hosted by sought after Decorators and designers from Italy and SA, we offer a current and world-class learning experience. Content ranges from Design fundamentals, Software application and theoretical analysis.

The contemporary interior designer requires many technical and practical tools in order to successfully run their own business or work within industry. The SDC Online system of continuous assessment is the perfect format to grow an develop students in this area of design. Special focus is given to the current “Green” environmental issues surrounding Interior design and architecture. Sustainable new age practices are fully incorporated into the degree, making it valid and applicable to contemporary lifestyles.

Are you a student from South Africa? If yes, then there are specific educational entry requirements for South African applicants. Please see the Course Requirements below for more information.


FAST TRACK   120 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 4 weeks
INTENSIVE   140 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 6 weeks
FLEXIBLE   160 weeks in duration
  3 course modules every 7 weeks
These study time frames are just a guideline to help the student establish their own study schedule, a student may even decide to move from one option to the next. A student can change a due date at any time prior to the original date set by the college. All due dates are set to the "FAST TRACK" option upon registration.

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Learning Methods



Course Requirements


List specified in Tutorial Notes


Digital Camera (to document projects and your work process)
Scanner (to convert hand work into electronic format in order to submit online)




Educational entry requirements for applicants from South Africa:
High School certificate (Exemption Pass / B+ Average) preferably with Art as a subject.
Ability to read, write and speak English as a first or second language.
A portfolio submission will be required if no previous art experience.

Student References

I enjoy learning different programmes like sketchup for 3d’s and Autocad. I also combine them and use Photoshop to render out elevations and floorplans. My tutors are very helpful and give me good individual attention.
Cassie Binnerman
I love the freedom of creativity and how I have learnt there is no boundaries to design. My lessons are up to date with current designs and inventions. Love it!
Lerissa Rossouw
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